Ouroffer is addressed both to legal persons (companies) as well as individual customers.

HILLS LTS provides comprehensive legal and tax advice, and most of all:

  1. widely understood provision of fixed legal services;
  2. preparing and issuing opinions on the merits of cases in the initiation and continuation of litigation;
  3. conducting economic penal cases and penal fiscal cases;
  4. representation in proceedings before courts, the Supreme Court, Administrative Court (WSA/ NSA) and the administrative bodies as well as arbitration courts;
  5. preparing or issuing opinions on draft agreements and all sorts of letters and speeches in disputes before courts and administrative bodies;
  6. preparing documents and conducting on behalf of the Customer registration procedures for both single economic activity, as well as commercial companies;
  7. audit of the legal status of the acquired companies, real estate;
  8. consulting services, including analysis prepared in connection with the transformation of commercial companies, merger and liquidation of companies, as well as due diligence firms;
  9. development or preparation of opinions on statutory regulations of corporate bodies and organizational units without legal personality;
  1. development of work rules, wages and salaries;
  2. development of regulations on matters concerning prevention of "money laundering" and the financing of terrorism;
  3. development of internal regulations concerning the processing of personal data;
  4. preparing and issuing opinions on trade agreements, as well as risk assessment of concluded legal provisions of the contract;
  5. development of comprehensive security systems of commercial transactions;
  6. widely understood debt collection;
  7. development of models of general sale conditions, as well as the provision of services;
  8. control of agreements and regulations for abusive clauses;
  9. preparing written opinions and analysis as well as interpretations of the content of a particular field of law;
  10. protection of intellectual property, in particular copyright, patents, trademarks, databases;
  11. legal services for bankruptcy and composition proceedings;
  12. assistance in matters concerning Zabuzanskie property (left beyond The Bug River) and real estate in Warsaw (restitution in kind / claiming monetary compensation through legal proceedings);
  13. negotiations;
  14. training on issues related to the protection of personal data, the real estate market, the widely understood debt collection;
  15. cooperation with internal departments of the Customers, in issues as above.