About us

HILLS Legal & Tax Solutions S.A. (HILLS LTS/ Company) is a joint-stock company providing comprehensive business consulting activities/ consultancy. Due toclose cooperation with attorneys/ legal advisers/ tax advisers/ notaries HILLS LTSguarantees its Contractors legal services within the framework of not only extensive consultancy and provision of legal opinions but also offers tax and court services (also before arbitration courts) as well as judicial administrative services, including representing the interests of parties in civil, economic, penal and penal-fiscal cases. Our goal is to ensure the highest standard of service to our Clients.

The Company was established in 2011 and since then has increased its potential. HILLS LTSbuilds its reputation owing to the trust and satisfaction of its Clients. Our flexible and effective team of people, who communicate by means of a professional language, belongs to our greatest assets.

HILLS LTSactively promotes legal topics by numerous, systematic publications in the press (among others in “Rzeczpospolita”) and on popular internet portals (among others Onet,Interia). HILLS LTSalso has its expert profile in portal WieszJak.pl.

HILLS LTSapplies modern legal and organizational solutions, pays special attention to proper corporate governance, provides due-diligence services, makes changes in the legal form of business.

HILLS LTSprovides full “instrumentation” of a legal person and business unit with no legal personality, among others by means of preparation of statutes and regulations concerning the function of their bodies. What is more, HILLS LTSimplements into companies a widely understood security policy within the scope of processing personal data as well as regulations aiming at the introduction of the procedures as regards to prevention of “money laundry” and financing terrorism.

HILLS LTSspecializes in the service of real estate, performs the analysis of the legal status of the property, provides assistance in the management of an investment process (investor agreements, construction agreements, and the like) as well as in the process of concluding contracts with the buyers of real estates. HILLS LTSespecially offers assistance in negotiating and execution of construction work agreements, assistance in negotiating and concluding development agreements, assistance in concluding final contracts (transferring /establishing ownership rights), among which cooperation with notariesis included.

HILLS LTSprovides assistance within the scope of cooperation and coordination of internal services of the Client, also conducts training, including the issues connected with the personal data protection, real estate market, widely understood receivables collection, etc.

HILLS LTSalso deals with the issues concerning Zabuzanskieproperties,left beyond The Bug River, and Warsaw estates (restoration in kind/ the investigation  of monetary damages in court).

HILLS LTS offers assistance also to those Clients – natural persons, who do not conduct business activity, in regulating their both personal and property matters (property management, generation succession, etc.)

Due to cooperating entities HILLS LTSensures its Clients the service of tax planning, especially within the range of taxation of the transactions connected with the real estate market and in the field of taxes and official fees referring to local government administration activities. The above mentioned areas of activities include thorough research of planned investments, analysis of agreements and other activities concerning real estate, taking into account solving the problems resulting from the taxation of real estate transactions with VAT tax,  tax on civil law transactions, corporate income tax. Moreover, HILLS LTS specializes in the area of public dues, for which a competent authority is the village administrator, mayor or the president of the town/city (taxes and local fees connected with the purchase and possession of property, such as: property tax, agricultural tax, forest tax and fees: planning fee, betterment levy, perpetual usufruct charges or exclusion of real estate property from agricultural and forest produce).

ECDP – an advisory group, is HILLS LTS’s partner. Due to this partnershipHILLS LTS offers its Contactors a comprehensive service of tax planning covering a whole process of optimization of costs: beginning with conducting an audit, through finance planning and preparation of legal and tax opinions, up to implementation of business structure models resulting in widely understood financial benefits (the above mentioned services may also include establishing entities in the countries of favorable tax jurisdiction, their management and service).


Mission statement

The mission of HILLS LTS/ our team – apart from the obvious aim to provide  comprehensive services and guarantee legal security of the Client on the highest professional level – is to establish and develop such contractual relationships with the Client, in particular with regard to the principles of remuneration, in which the Client can really benefit from our services and at the same time the cost of provided services remains on an acceptable level for the Client.


Hence as the motto for our activities we have chosen a Latin maxim: Clara pactafaciunt amici (Clear agreements make friends)