Board of directors

Łukasz Ochman

Attorney, the lawyer managing Ochman Law Office, a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at Warsaw University. As an employee of the Ministry of State Treasury, he participated, among others, in the establishing process of the Power Stock Exchange S.A., the head of privatization projects of furniture industry and energy, member and chairman of the supervisory boards of the State Treasury companies, as a contributor to the leading Polish and international law firms responsible for legal services of the holding company Agora S.A. (including due diligence testing and consultancy in the field of mergers and acquisitions), investment projects of PKP SA (including Gallery Katowice), legal services for the development of the sales network of group companies NFI Empik Media & Fashion SA. Focuses his practice on economic law and public procurement law, fluent in English.


Paweł Nowacki

Graduated in International Relations and Political Sciences  at the University of East Anglia. Specialist in funds acquisition and  management of promotional projects in Poland and abroad. Currently working  in public administration as a specialist in implementation of governmental  grants. Majority of life spent in Germany, England, People's Republic of  China and Republic of China. Some of the major promotional projects  coordinated include those during the Polish Presidency of the EU, in Israel, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, and the U.K.




Tytus Biniakiewicz

Is professionally associated with the capital market in the U.S., where since 1997 has participated in several dozen of projects in the field of capitalization and investor relations of companies listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ and OTC. He specializes in the preparation of documents resulting from the reporting obligations of the information issuers, developing press releases, promotional materials, corporate and analytical reports and organization of road shows and financial conferences  in New York, California and Florida. In 1998, he earned an MBA in finance and accounting at Pepperdine University in California